Dominique Liggins

Is DomDiscovers

He is a mover and shaker, a creative hub. With all his passion for finding solutions to do business as unusual, Dominique knows what his partners need to have a successful entry point into the market. It is not about selling, it is about recommending, personally, with stories and personal encounters to build connections that last. His aproach: Transforming information into emotion and being a strategic, emotional navigator.

what concern are we solving?

Germany, Austria & Switzerland are very promising markets,. It is the right decision to position your product within the market and get the best out of it. But is it always right to depend on one single partner, choose one strategy or decide to receive sales support from only one angle?


In a highly competitive marketplace, independent properties, DMC's, and Destinations may struggle to compete with multinational hotel chains. This is where we come in and offer solutions tailor-made for your needs and budget. 

Why does it matter to us?

With more than 12 years of experience and focus in sales and marketing, we care about the needs of upscale properties and focus on our audience from the luxury segment. 


Let us be your ambassadors and the direct access point into the market. We create a customized action plan. Your product is unique, so should your action plan be!


That is why we thought of a new concept, a more marketing and event driven approach that can be perfectly integrated in your activities.

how we help.

In such a big market with the traditional sales channel travel agencies attached to tour operators, it is hard to find the right partners, create promising relationships and identify opportunities that have an increase on bookings. We simply love travel agencies and hotels. It is as easy as that. So, use our experience, expertise, love and personal relationships to position your product among the partners that you really need. We connect the right people with each other.

What we offer?

Sales Support

We do not believe in the classic sales call. It is a peoples business and personal relationships are what we create, share and use in our daily work. We do selected visits with partners you really need and we attend networking platforms and other events to meet the right trade partners for you. Call it relationship orientated Key Account Management.


We position your product with the right and most promising partners. We consult you with the aim to spend your money where it is in the right place. It's about quality not quantity! We create individual ideas, made especially for your product. Business as unusual!


We create events specially for you or attend events on your behalf. Let us talk about how your budget is very well invested in formats that allow us to create long lasting and fruitful relationships.

We also recommend participation in other events or trade shows and offer to represent you there.